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Prof. Othman Shibly

Clinical Professor, Director, Post Graduate Program in Periodontics.
Coordinator, International Advanced Dental Education Scholar Program,
Associate director - Center for Dental Studies, University at Buffalo.

Dr. Othman Shibly, Clinical Professor, is currently, Director, Post Graduate Program in Periodontics, Coordinator, International Advanced Dental Education Scholar Program and Associate director for the Center for Dental Studies at the School of Dental Medicine at University at Buffalo.

In 1995, from the University at Buffalo, Dr. Shibly received his Master of Oral Science Degree and his Doctor of Dental Science Degree in 1999, and Periodontology Certificate of specialty in 2003. He became American Diplomate of Periodontology in 2004.

Dr. Shibly has been involved in promoting understanding and cultural compatibility between the West and the East based on shared common values. Recently, his paper on world peace that was presented in Indonesia July 27, 2016 was selected by Indonesian research team to be taught in 28 Universities in Indonesia.

Dr. Shibly was honored with the 2002 Circle of Distinction Award from the University at Buffalo's Committee for the Promotion of Respect for Diversity. He was honored for his unselfish commitment to mentoring students and working with the campus community to foster positive cultural relations in regard to Muslim and Arabic issues over the years. In 2015, he was also awarded Outstanding Contribution to International Education Award from the State University of New York.

Dr. Shibly was elected to the OKU National Dental Honor Society in March 2007. He also earned the National outstanding teaching award from the American Academy of Periodontology in 2007. He also received Appreciation Award, from Muslim Student Association, University at Buffalo, for outstanding mentoring and advising, 2007 On May 10, 2008 he received Community Service Award for distinguished services and exceptional commitment to the community MPAC of WNY The Network of Religious communities Service Award in recognition of outstanding religious and community service May 1, 2008.

Also, Dr. Shibly received Commendation, Town of Amherst, for fostering interfaith dialogue, understanding and collaborative service in the town and throughout Western New York by organizing and participating in the Western New York Mosque-Synagogue Twinning Weekend, 2009. He also received Recognition Award, Western New York Tobacco-Free Programs, for contributions to University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine tobacco counseling program and addressing tobacco dependence among patients, 2009.

He also received Certificate of Appreciation, University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, acknowledging contribution to the Spirituality and End-of-Life Care Project in the Department of Family Medicine, 2009. Dr. Shibly's article titled "Effect of Tobacco Counseling by Dental Students on Patient Quitting Rate" was selected as the recipient of the Olav Alvares Award for Outstanding Articles Published in the Journal of Dental Education for the year of 2010 He also received New York State Dental Foundation award for providing donated dental services, 2011.

Since the crisis in Syria, March 2011. Dr. Shibly participated in the medical mission to help Syrian refugees in Jordan Turkey and Lebanon. He realized that dental mission for a week will not be enough to care for the thousands of women and children so he raised the money to establish two dental clinics in Turkey and arranged to hire several dentists to provide free dental care on daily basis for the refugees. Thus clinics were selected to be the sites for the Alliance for the Oral health an organization that include more than 30 Universities in the US and the world that provide dental care for the people in conflict zones.

In the 16th International Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) conference at Sarajevo, Bosnia July 22- 24, 2016, Dr. Shibly was awarded: "SAMS Ibn Al Nafees Outstanding achievement award" for innovation and outstanding achievements in oral care for forced immigrants (Syrian refugees).

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