Dr. Zeyad Nougeim

Oral surgery in Growing Jaw.

Dental and jawbone diseases constitute a surprisingly diverse group of pathologies. In growing jaws (children and adolescents), odontogenic cysts are relatively common and pediatric jaw tumors are conveniently classified as odontogenic and non-odontogenic, and also as benign and malignant, the majority of oral tumors (more than 90%) being benign.

Most pediatric jawbone pathologies arise from odontogenic tissues: they occur centrally in maxilla and mandible, and expansion and /or resorption of cortices will result in facial asymmetry and swelling. Malpostioned or unerupted tooth/teeth ,and malocclusion are inevitably an indication for immediate radiological or imaging investigation(OPG, CT, CBCT,...).

Several clinical varieties of teeth pathologies (unerupted, impacted and supernumerary teeth ) and jawbone diseases (odontogenic cysts and odontogenic tumors ) will be addressed ,with emphasis on conservative treatment (enucleation,curettage,chemoablation). Other non-traditional methods (intralesional steroid injection, and calcitonin treatment) will also be discussed.