Dr. Sultana Sarwar Saiyed

3 A's of Endo.

The three interesting A's of Endo- Apical Delta, Accessory Canals and Apical Puff Achievement of a perfect seal at the apex using an inert filling material is the ultimate goal for every endodontist. The crux of endodontics revolves around the efficient and effective manipulation and obturation of the apical third of the root canal. The apical delta and accessory canals are of interest to endodontists because the tissue present within the roots of teeth is significant to the practice of endodontics. The cleaning and sealing of these is one of the major challenges in root canal therapy. The extrusion of the sealing material beyond the apical foramen, into the periapical region, i.e. apical puffs, is yet another controversial topic in endodontic treatment. Hence, appreciable knowledge of the morphology of the root apex and its variance, ability to interrupt it correctly in radiographs, and to feel it through tactile sensation during instrumentation is essential for rendering an effective treatment of root canals. This paper will mainly highlight the clinical aspect of dealing with such cases with a series of case presentations.