Dr. Simon Grandini

Aesthetic restoration for anterior teeth

Adhesive technologies have contributed to changing the way dentists conceive restorations in dentistry. Due to the improvements of materials and techniques, it is now possible to perform minimal preparations and to restore aesthetic appeal and function with a low biological and financial cost. Reparability of resin composites is also highly appreciated as this allows restorations to be easily redone should the result not be perfect in the first stage. Resin composites can be used in the daily routine for direct and indirect procedures, veneering, restoration of traumatized and endodontically teeth.

Moreover, performing aesthetic dentistry is nowadays one of the main goals of our profession. Patients are aware of the new technologies, and require treatments that are highly aesthetic, minimally invasive, repairable and not too expensive. Resin composite restorations can fulfill all these requirements. However, the correct protocols have to be implemented to achieve clinical success and obtain invisible restorations.

Multidisciplinary treatment planning is most often the key to success: many patients need a combination of different treatments to solve their problems. It is extremely important to combine the skills of several specialists to establish the most constructive treatment plan so as to ensure the best possible result for the patient.