Dr. Sagar J.Abichandani

The emergence of Submergence Profile in implants restorations.

Implants in the esthetic zone is one of the most challenging concepts. Optimal three dimensional implant placement is of utmost importance to have an emergence profile in addition to an accurate submergence profile.

In this esthetic driven era, everyone is self-conscious in terms of beauty and appearance. Even if its an anterior restoration, perfect match in terms of shade, texture, appearance is important and imperative to achieve macro and micro esthetics. Today when implant restorations have achieved the most preferred option for replacement of missing teeth, it makes it even more imperative to achieve the same esthetic appeal in terms of pink and white to mimic the nature at its fullest. This lecture will highlight the importance of submergence and emergence profile and how do we achieve that routinely in regular practice.

Learning objectives:

understanding the concept of submergence profile
customization of impression copings
role of customized provisions and socket preservation.
atraumatic extraction principles