Dr. Paulo Monterio

The clinical daily Workflow in Aesthetic Anterior Restorations: Direct Vs Indirect. Part 2

Nowadays aesthetic is fundamental for our patients. In parallel, in our dental treatments we must always combine aesthetic with functionality, longevity and bio-compatibility.

The current restorative materials available (composite resins and ceramic), allow us to create restorations with optical and mechanical properties similar to the natural tooth tissues with the use of simple and reliable techniques.

Sometimes we have some questions regarding chose the optimal treatment and material: direct or indirect?, composite or ceramic?

According to the latest data from the scientific literature we will clarify the indications/contraindications, advantages/disadvantages of direct and indirect restorations in the anterior teeth through the step by step clinical procedures.

In this lecture we will describe all clinical steps and daily workflow with many tips from planning to the maintenance of ceramic veneers, semi-direct composite resins and direct composite resins.